The insurance is 100% fully comprehensive with no excess.

The rental price includes unlimited kilometres, taxes and airport fees.

The seats and booster seats are free of charge.

Additional drivers can be included free of charge.

If the selected model is not available, a similar or superior model will be offered.

All infractions and associated costs, as well as any other costs incurred during the rental for which you are responsible, will be charged to the renter, regardless of any legal action you may take. We have a customer service department to deal with suggestions and complaints.

The renter is responsible for the correct refuelling of the vehicle.

Acoron S.L. reserves the right to refuse the rental if the renter has had incidents in the past or has not complied with the General Conditions.

RENTAL CONTRACT – TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By means of this contract, Acorón SL leases the vehicle to the lessee, under the following terms and conditions, in addition to those outlined, together with all the data, on the reverse. The lessee hereby receives the vehicle and accessories, which are outlined on the reverse, in rental, under perfect conditions of operation and hereby undertakes to maintain and drive the vehicle in accordance with the traffic code regulations and prevailing legislation.

1) PAYMENTS. – At the time of the reservation or rental the lessee pays the amount corresponding to the total amount arranged.

A credit card is always requested as a guarantee to cover possible expenses derived from the mis use of the car.

2) VEHICLE INSURANCE. – The insurance taken out in the tariff, between Acorón SL. and the lessee is (SÚPER CDW), which covers civil liability (third party damages) for an unlimited amount, healthcare, guarantees and legal defence that could be payable by the driver in a criminal case, in addition to authorized drivers and passengers, with a maximum payment in case of death or invalidity. It also includes theft of the vehicle and own damages. Acorón SL. requires an extra amount per day to take out the PREMIUM insurance that includes all the above stipulated cover in the SUPER CDW insurance in addition to the following cover: road assistance for the whole of La Palma island, battery charging due to oversight by the lessee, loss and/or deterioration in the keys, right to replace the vehicle in case of accident even when the lessee is responsible. Under no circumstances does it cover the vehicle’s contents, equipment or personal objects transported. This insurance will be applicable, as long as and whenever the lessee does not breach that stipulated in this contract. In the event of breach of any of the points, all expenses incurred, both to third parties and own damages, will be claimed, even judicially.


  1. a) The vehicle will be returned on the date, at the place and time stipulated on the reverse.
    b) Any alteration should be notified and authorized in writing by Acorón SL. In the event the vehicle is not returned on the date, at the place and on the time stipulated, the customer will pay one third of the daily value per hour of delay, in addition to even meeting damages incurred by Acorón SL.

4) FUEL. – The vehicle will be returned at the same level of fuel with which it was issued. Otherwise a payable charge will be invoiced to the lessee for €50.00.

5) LIABILITY OF ACORÓN SL. This company declares having taken due precautions to avoid mechanical faults in the leased vehicle. However, in case these occur, Acorón SL. does not assume any liability whatsoever for damages that may directly or indirectly be caused to the lessee, as a consequence of these faults and breakdowns. The vehicle’s normal mechanical wear and tear is assumed by the lessor. This company hereby undertakes, in the event of fortuitous breakdown (except breakage of tyres) to replace the vehicle at the same place of the breakdown as soon as possible, depending on distances and availability at the time. In case of breakdown or imperfection in the vehicle, caused by incorrect use by the lessee, the vehicle will not be replaced. The lessee will meet all expenses, both own and third parties, in addition to those for transport to the designated place by Acorón SL. The loss, theft, forgetting, etc. of keys from the vehicle in addition to expenses incurred for transfer of the company’s personnel to resolve this will be immediately met by the lessee.


  1. a) To transport materials and/or goods, when this directly or indirectly involves sublease of the vehicle or its incorrect use.
  2. b) For persons not authorized on the reverse to drive the vehicle.
  3. c) Driving the vehicle on forest tracks, beaches or any other surface not covered with asphalt, except those authorized for this (4×4).
  4. e) To unseal and/or handle any part or instrument of the vehicle; the lessor must be immediately notified of any fault or imperfection in this.
  5. d) To push or tow other vehicles.
    f) To transport any kind of animal, material and construction tool and any inflammable, corrosive, heavy product, etc, that might entail damages to the vehicle.
  6. g) To not stop the vehicle when any fault indicator lights up.
  7. j) To park the vehicle in prohibited, limited visibility or insufficiently safe places. Breaching any of the terms and conditions set out above, entails cancellation of the insurance for the hire vehicle and agreeing to pay 100% of the expenses incurred, both for the vehicle leased and third parties, in addition to its transport to workshops or bases specified by Acorón SL. A breach of the above also entails that Acorón SL. hereby reserves the right to terminate the contract without prior warning and to take possession of the vehicle.

7) ACCIDENT. – In the event of accident the customer is obliged to:

  1. a) Not move the vehicle from the site of the accident and immediately notify Acorón SL. and the competent authority, regardless of the extent of the accident, either with other vehicles or alone.
  2. b) To collate from the other party all data in regard to the driver, owner, vehicle and insurer.
  3. c) Fully collaborate with the insurance company in the study and defence of any claim and process.
  4. d) Not recognize or prejudge liability for the accident, except the amicable accident statement.
  5. e) Not come to any agreement with the other party.
  6. f) Report to the competent authority any damage caused to the vehicle whilst not in circulation. This report will serve the lessee so as not to have to meet the cost for repair of these damages.

In case of breach by the lessee of any of these measures, as long as they are applicable, Acorón SL. may claim from the lessee damages caused and even render the SUPER CDW and PREMIUM insurance null and void.

In the event the lessee is responsible for the accident, the vehicle will not be replaced and he will pay the costs for withdrawal and transport of the vehicle. In case culpability is unknown replacement will be up to the company. In case of culpability of the other party, Acorón SL.  will replace the vehicle as soon as possible.

8) THEFT. – In case of theft, the lessee is obliged to make a report to the competent authority and show a copy to the company.

9) DATA PROTECTION. – The personal data that appear on this contract are protected in accordance with prevailing legislation on Protection of Personal Data.  Acorón SL. is the data processing officer. In the event this electronic communication includes personal data, we hereby notify you that they are processed in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 in regard to protection of physical persons regarding processing of personal data and free circulation of these data and in accordance with Spanish Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Protection of Personal Data. Their processing is not authorized beyond the purpose for which they were notified and must be destroyed once this is compliant. We also hereby notify you that rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, deletion, portability and limited processing may be exercised, in addition to not being subject to automated decisions applicable before the Data Protection Officer of ACORON S.L. Contact data Post Office Box 96 in Santa Cruz de la Palma or e-mail

10) TERRITORIAL SCOPE. – The lessee is expressly prohibited from transporting the vehicle outside the island of La Palma, unless written authorization is granted by Acorón SL. In the event of breach of this prohibition the contract will be automatically rendered terminated and damages will be claimed.

11) JURISDICTION. –Any discrepancy that may arise between the lessee and Acorón SL. will be submitted to the courts of S/C palma. Any other jurisdiction is expressly waived.